IDEAL at GSU: Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy

$2,465 has been contributed to the Inclusive Digital Expression And Literacy Fund.


October 15, 2020

The students and staff of IDEAL just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us through this campaign. Thanks to you our students now have access to more resources than ever before to grow their skills and push them farther in their careers. You can stay updated through our website, FacesofIDEAL, and social media to see all the amazing projects our students have and will continue to create. 


If anyone would still like to support or if you did not get a chance to donate, you can go to our Amazon wishlist and send gifts directly to us:)


AND CONGRATULATIONS to our raffle winners!!! You all deserve it:) ENJOY


September 25, 2020

2K!!!!!!! LET’S GET IT! You all have been such an incredible team, we would not have gotten this far without your support. But we’re not done yet!! We have 5 DAYS left to share. Please share this link with coworkers, friends, family, even class group chats. And don’t forget to post on your social media daily! Tag @idealgsu and use our hashtag #TECH4IDEAL


Our live raffle drawing will be heldOctober 8th so STAY TUNED. Anyone who has shared or donated may be the winner of a free photoshoot by @apvisuals.


In these last 5 days, we can make a huge IMPACT! Let’s Make It Count. TOGETHER :)



UPDATE #2!!!! #Tech4IDEAL

September 22, 2020

You guys!!! Thank YOU so so so much for your support. We are at $1,277, which means we are 12% towards our goal. 


Our students and staff are all working hard not only within the program, but also IRL sharing the cause & bringing awareness to the fundraiser!

There are only 8 DAYS left to share! None of this would be possible without your help.


Please consider sharing this link with friends, family, and even group chats you haven't been active in years (oops!). Keep sharing & don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #Tech4IDEAL!!!


★★★We are also in the process of compiling an Amazon Wish-List for our students!!! This is a great option if you'd prefer to directly order items! Consider checking it out here :)★★★


We will be going live either on September 31st or October 1st to see who won the raffle for the FREE 1-HR PHOTOSHOOT with the amazing APVisuals (hover over to check out his site)! Everyone who donates and/or shares is automatically entered into the raffle! Here is an image from his highlight reel:


WE'VE REACHED 800!!!!!!

September 17, 2020

HEY EVERYONE! Thank you so much for your continued support. We couldn't have gotten this far without your help. YOU ARE MAKING AN IMPACT. 


IDEAL is having a great semester so far and we're adjusting well to the online learning platform, here's a quick recap so far:

  • We've started a cooking class on Tuesdays with the students and staff, one of our resident chefs is showcasing their skills via Zoom ????.

  • We kicked off our apprenticeship programs - Art and Design, Acting, Creative Writing, and Music. The students are learning useful techniques and honing in on their skills.

  • We were just recently interviewed for a segment on the Panther News Network, so be on the lookout for that! 

Finally, we're starting an IDEAL BLOG! The students will be posting regularly about their daily life, creative projects, and any other topic of their choosing. Click HERE to check out our website for more info!




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