IDEAL at GSU: Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy

$2,675 has been contributed to the Inclusive Digital Expression And Literacy Fund.

Supporting Students and Alumni with Disabilities

IDEAL at Georgia State University serves students with intellectual disabilities.

IDEAL provides access to inclusive education and resources to prepare for meaningful work and expression in the arts and creative media fields.


IDEAL is looking to raise funds to support student access to and ownership of necessary education technology. We hope to build an inclusive sound and film production lab, equip students with the technology they need to be successful, and support the continued education and creative projects of IDEAL and students during COVID19. 


IDEAL's goal is to support each student's unique media maker voice, empowering students to explore their identities, learn new skills, and showcase their talents, while producing digital content, learning together with peers, growing social and professional networks, and gaining career-related experience. 


IDEAL Students and Alumni are artists, writers, filmmakers, animators, and creators.

Students are enrolled in creative media and related courses at Georgia State University.

Students are supported by undergraduate peer mentors and job coaches.

IDEAL Apprenticeships connect students with mentors working and creating in their fields of interest.


Your gift helps us to continue to build the IDEAL community!

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Student and Mentor focus behind a camera while filming.
3 students smile together in an advisor's office on the first day of Spring classes.


Student gives a presentation during an art class.
Making a Difference Magazine cover featuring a large group of students outside the Capitol building.
Student smiles while painting during an art class.
Student poses confidently in front of large CNN sign on the day of an interview.
Student tests the virtual reality gaming system in Georgia State's EXLAB. 
Student documents art gallery reception with a digital camera.


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Contributions to the IDEAL at GSU: Inclusive Digital Expression and Literacy project are processed by the Georgia State University Foundation and will be used to ensure IDEAL students have access to the technology and support they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds raised beyond the project's goal will be used to provide additional resources that support the program's mission.