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Help Support Students in Need

1,656 donors have made gifts to support the Emergency Assistance Fund. Your gifts have helped raise $734,245 to support students during these uncertain times.

Help Support Students in Need

As Georgia State works tirelessly to answer questions regarding its academic programs and supports, questions remain about the ways COVID-19 will impact students outside the classroom, such as:

  • What economic impact will the pandemic have on the almost 60% of students who come from low-income households?
  • How will students with school-age children adequately feed their families with the unplanned absence of school meals?
  • How will students who find themselves newly unemployed or with severely-reduced wages make ends meet?

How can we as a community join together to help students overcome hardships and stay the course to graduation?

Georgia State’s Emergency Assistance Fund provides students with the financial support they need to overcome an unanticipated financial hardship or basic-needs insecurity. With over 53,000 students, of which 57% are low-income, our need to raise donations to this fund is greater than ever.

Help us support students through these uncertain times. Make a gift to the Emergency Assistance Fund today!

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For up-to-date information on Georgia State’s COVID-19 response or information on how to apply for emergency assistance, click here.

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