Support Study Abroad Programs

The Office of International Initiatives invites you to MAKE A GLOBAL IMPACT by supporting study abroad programs at Georgia State.

Support Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs at Georgia State offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in languages and cultures around the world while preparing for the next steps of their academic and professional careers. With 60+ study abroad programs in more than 30 countries around the world, most of these global student experiences are made possible with international education scholarships. 

The Benefits of Study Abroad for Students 

  • Earning credit toward their Georgia State University degree while studying abroad. 
  • Experiencing what they are studying in the real world. Students may learn about the operations of a multi-national corporation in London, or the effects of public health initiatives on Ghana’s economy and social structure. 
  • Building their resume to have a competitive edge within the job market. Employers in our global economy seek skills polished by overseas engagement – such as cultural awareness, teamwork, innovation, and flexibility. 
  • Acquiring or improving foreign language skills. Complete language and cultural immersion is considered the best way to learn a language. 
  • Gaining a better understanding of themselves, their own nation, and the world. This is an adventure that will broaden their horizons and create increased independence, confidence, and maturity. 
  • Students that go abroad return exhilarated by the experience. They bring fresh perspectives to the classroom and are more confident about living in today’s world. 

Contributions to this project will support the Study Abroad Programs fund within the Georgia State University Foundation. The fund provides scholarship support to students studying abroad through approved Georgia State University programs.