Staff Council Fund

$3,775 has been contributed by 52 donors to support the Staff Scholarship Fund.

Staff Council Fund

What is Staff Council?

Staff Council is dedicated to providing service and fostering effective communication within the university community to make Georgia State University the best possible place to work.

Staff Council works to facilitate communication of staff issues among all sectors of the university and advises the university president and other campus administrators on other matters that have a major effect on staff. Staff Council plays an important role in shaping the policies and procedures of the university as they relate to staff.

What is the Staff Council Fund?

Through the 2020 Staff Climate Survey, Staff Council discovered Georgia State employees want more opportunities for professional training, growth and capacity building.

The Staff Council Fund is a brand-new initiative designed to help Georgia State employees fill gaps in career-learning offerings and opportunities by providing grants to help offset the costs of professional development activities, like skills training and certifications, that will build the careers of Georgia State employees.

Once the Staff Council Fund reaches funding levels sufficient to begin awarding meaningful grants, interested Georgia State staff members will have the opportunity to submit proposals explaining their training or professional development pursuit. A Staff Council committee will review proposals and manage the awarding of Staff Council Fund grants. More details about this process are forthcoming.

Why Give?

The Staff Council Fund is 100% donor supported. This means that the more of those who give, the more funding grants will be available to you and other employees. You’re lifting others to better their careers and we all benefit when we build up our coworkers and teammates. 

If you'd prefer to give through recurring payroll deduction, please visit our website here: