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Multicultural Center at Georgia State University

With the support of our donors, we've raised $820 from 11 for Multicultural Initiatives at Georgia State University.

Multicultural Center at Georgia State University

About Us

The Multicultural Center at Georgia State University supports all students by aligning their purpose with personal and academic goals. Students are able to build a culture that fosters multicultural competence, diverse learning environments and community building. It is imperative that students graduate from Georgia State University with both the academic competencies and a level of cultural awareness that allows them to thrive in the workplace and an ever-changing society. The Multicultural Center helps to prepare students for success after college, often changing the trajectory of their lives for the better. The goals of this project are to support new and existing learning opportunities for students through the usage of the Multicultural Center’s resources.

Our Initiatives

The Multicultural Center is seeking funding to support its new Panther PRIME (Preparing, Retaining and Investing in Males through Engagement) African American Male Initiative (AAMI), the annual Multicultural Leadership Awards & Graduation Recognition Banquet and gender and sexuality resources.

Panther PRIME African American Male Initiative at Georgia State University designed to increase the number of African-American males who complete their postsecondary education. This initiative, partially funded by the University System of Georgia, provides academic and social tools that support these students around adopting a positive mindset to successfully complete classes, elevate their cumulative GPAs, matriculate through each academic level and graduate. These outcomes are achieved through a variety of customized programming which includes academic skills enrichment, student support services, adult & peer mentoring and leadership development.

The Multicultural Leadership Awards & Graduation Recognition Banquet is an end of year event and a collaborative celebration among several of the multicultural student organizations and the Multicultural Center. It serves as an opportunity to collectively recognize the academic achievements, campus involvement and leadership excellence of students who identify with various cultural communities. It also features a special ceremony to acknowledge all participating graduating seniors. This event will serve to reinforce personal and academic success, degree attainment and a sense of belonging for students from diverse backgrounds and advance the goal of a more culturally competent campus.

Gender & Sexuality Resources in the Multicultural Center will provide students of various sexual orientations and gender identities with programs, services and support to promote social justice for every member of the community, regardless of gender, gender identity, body, ability, sexual orientation, race, spirituality and ethnicity. Students, faculty and staff will be encouraged to engage and foster continual dialogue on gender and issues that disproportionately affect specific gender-identified persons and their allies to expand their positive potential, agency and life experience. The Multicultural Center will also provide opportunities for members of the Georgia State University community to:

* Expand their awareness and understanding of the concept of gender and sexuality equity and recognize examples of inequity; and

* Learn how to be change agents by increasing their knowledge of ways to be active allies and/or bystanders.

Such experiences will impact student success and cultural competency by guiding students in removing barriers and managing their college experience to achieve personal and academic success.

Why Give?

The Multicultural Center fosters student growth by empowering students with the tools to navigate the cultural and societal challenges they face. Based on need, the Center would like to scale these initiatives to meet demand. Sustaining the great efforts of the Multicultural Center through advancements such as these can be costly. That being said, we are seeking your help to raise the funds for these initiatives to continue to increase cultural competency and create a culture of inclusion and acceptance throughout Georgia State University.

One person's gift will help make it possible to provide experiences to impact student success and cultural competency by guiding students in removing barriers and managing their college experience to achieve personal and academic success. Contributing a gift to this project will allow the Multicultural Center to provide initiatives to help remove barriers to a sense of belonging students from underrepresented identity groups face that may hinder their successful degree attainment.

The Multicultural Center thanks you for your contribution and your support! Please help us increase our efforts by sharing this project.


With your gift to the Multicultural Center at Georgia State University, the Georgia State University Foundation will fund resources and operational costs of the Multicultural Center on a continuing basis.

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