Prevent Child Abuse Georgia

Join our mission to create happy, healthy and thriving families. 

Strengthening Families and Inspiring Action Through Education, Awareness and Advocacy

Prevent Child Abuse Georgia believes every child is filled with tremendous promise and we have a shared responsibility to foster their potential by:

  • Raising awareness,
  • Connecting families to critical supports, and
  • Embedding family-friendly policies and practices in our communities and systems.

TOGETHER, we can prevent child abuse from ever occurring.

Join us in our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect. Your contributions will enable us to serve families and professionals statewide with meaningful programs that strengthen families and cultivate community resilience.

These funds directly support Prevent Child Abuse Georgia's initiatives such as Find Help Georgia and a variety of child abuse prevention training for professionals and communities.  

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Contributions made through this project to support the operational costs of Prevent Child Abuse Georgia will be processed by the Georgia State University Foundation.