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Honor the Mothers In Your Life

Your gifts will help WPN to continue providing support to Georgia State students through our various university initiatives.


This Mother’s Day, the Women’s Philanthropy Network at Georgia State University is offering a special way to pass along some of the priceless gifts— like support, encouragement, and self-confidence—the mothers and mother figures in your life have given you.

Make a Mother’s Day gift to WPN today in honor or memory of a mother or mother figure in your life—someone who shaped and influenced you—and help advance WPN’s mission of building great futures for Georgia State students. The individual you recognize through your gift, or a person you designate, will receive a personalized message of thanks from a grateful Panther.

By honoring an influential mother figure with your gift, you can strengthen student success scholarships or other WPN-backed programs that provide students with invaluable support. You will also affirm that Panther potential is worth investing in. That’s a gift.  

Celebrate the special impact a mother has made in your life and help students to bright futures by giving to WPN today.