About Crowdfunding

IMPACT Georgia State is the university’s official crowdfunding platform providing faculty, staff and students with a tool to raise awareness and financial support of projects for which they have a passion.

The platform empowers members of the Georgia State community to take ownership of their fundraising efforts and engage with donors while achieving their philanthropic goals.

Two types of projects are available:

  • IMPACT Projects are short-term campaigns with a defined dollar or donor goal. They typically last 30 days and rely on urgency to generate support. IMPACT Projects can be repeated in future project cohorts.
  • Evergreen Projects are campaigns that support departments or programs with ongoing financial needs for one or more funding priorities. They launch concurrently with project cohorts but do not always end after 30 days. Evergreen Projects are evaluated quarterly and can continue as long as the project team is able to support the effort.


Application PeriodJan. 15 - Jan. 30March 17 - April 1
Application DeadlineJan. 30April 1
Project SelectionFeb. 5April 7
Launch DateMarch 1May 1
IMPACT Projects EndMarch 31May 31
Projects CloseApril 15June 15


    • The quiet phase takes place between project selection and the cohort launch date
    • During this phase, project teams must attend crowdfunding training, prepare website content, and begin to identify potential donors.
    • This phase provides project teams with the opportunity to identify lead gifts that help achieve goals.
    • The live phase for each cohort of projects is approximately 30 days during which the project team is responsible for an active fundraising campaign.
    • Evergreen projects may have a longer live phase. Annual Programs will provide support in developing long-term campaign strategy for Evergreen Projects.
    • During the live phase, project teams are expected to reach out to personal contacts and social media networks to generate support.
    • After the project has ended, groups are responsible for thanking donors for their support. Annual Programs provides support in reaching out to donors.
    • Project teams should be prepared to provide a final thank you video that will be sent to donors by Annual Programs and will be posted to the project page.


The IMPACT Georgia State Platform is administered by the Annual Programs office of Development & Alumni Affairs. All funds raised are processed by the Georgia State University Foundation and are subject to its policies and regulations. Questions regarding projects or the application process should be directed to Michael Rohling, Associate Director for Annual Programs, at mrohling@gsu.edu or Jovan Paige, Donor Engagement Specialist for Annual Programs at jpaige1@gsu.edu.

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